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Category: Turmoil

The Middle East and Brexit: Cheaper Imports and Properties

According to a Saudi Businessman, leaving the EU for Britain had the British sell themselves short in properties and cheaper imports.

According to Arabians, Britain’s move was a “monetary suicide” Analysts said Britain had left a continent that fought for six years of destroying dictators, torturers and preventing future war.

Several Gulf governments are tied to Britain, specifically to the leadership of UK Prime Minister David Cameron. The London property market can quickly fall at the mercy of immensely-rich Gulf families. This is not necessarily a benefit described by former London Mayor Boris Johnson and UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

Arabian Journalist Jamal Kashoggi said Russia was another country happy to see the EU broken up. Qatar al-Jazeera journalist Faisal al-Kassim said that when Britain said it would exit, Cameron left immediately. In Syria, when the people said no, the leadership – namely Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, remained in the country and the people left.

The Independent Writer Robert Fisk, said that the UK referendum is but a democratic dream to many nations in the Middle East.

He said:

“I’m not talking about the total crackpots – Saddam’s 100 per cent victory in the 2002 Iraqi elections, for instance – but about poor old Egypt which has voted in chains for many years. Just look at that 98.1 per cent for a 2014 constitution which allowed Field Marshal Abdul-Fattah Sisi to stand for president after he had overthrown the elected government of Mohamed Morsi.

“And then we had Sisi’s own 2014 presidential election victory of 96.1 per cent – now that, surely would have Boris and Mike and Nigel slavering with joy if only we Brits had the same patriotic unity as the Egyptian people.”

UK Jihadist Junaid Hussain Killed In Drone Strike US Sources Say

Junaid Hussain, a 21-year-old convicted computer hacker who had joined the Islamic State in 2013 as he fled to Syria, had been killed by a drone strike. The US military considered him a “high-value target” within the Islamic State.

The British national, born in Birmingham, is considered a “top cyber jihadist”. US officials said his death is a serious blow to the Islamic State and his death had sent an “unmistakable message”.

“We need to maintain vigilance and good intelligence to stop future plotting, and ultimately we must destroy the group’s terrorist sanctuary,” Mr McCaul said.

Hussain was jailed for six months in 2012 as he leaked former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s private contacts online nad had made hoax calls to a counter-terror hotline. A skilled computer hacker, the UK Sun newspaper reported his connection to detonate a pressure-cooker bomb at an Armed Forces Day parade in London.

He was part of a computer hacking group called Team Poison, which claimed responsibility for more than 1,400 offences where his personal and private information was illegally extracted from victims in the UK and around the world.

Aside from Hussain, about 700 British nationals have travelled to Syria and half have not returned home.

UN Sends Chemical Weapons Inspector To Syria

The UN has announced that they will send weapons inspectors to Syria in order to investigate the alleged use of chemical weapons by Bashar Assad. The UN team has made plans to visit three sites over the course of two weeks, including a northern town at the centre of allegations of chemical weapons use. All plans have been made with the acceptance of authorities in Damascus.

About 26 people were killed in the attacks in Khan al-Assal in March. The delay to the UN mission had been over differences with the Syrian government over the scope of the investigation. On 31st July the Syrian government finally agreed to allow UN inspectors to visit the sites and only this passing Wednesday the UN said its team had completed preparations for the trip. The mandate of the 10-member investigating team is led by Swedish arms expert Ake Sellstroem. The investigation, however, is limited to reporting on whether chemical weapons were actually used and which ones, and it will not determine responsibility for any attacks.

The UN has confirmed that the trip was “extendable upon mutual consent” after the first two weeks and they have also confirmed that the locations to be investigated have not been identified so far. A Syrian foreign ministry official told the AFP news agency the investigating team was expected to arrive very soon, possibly in the net few days. “There were no difficulties in the negotiations and Syria said it is ready to give the team all the facilities it needs to carry out its mission,” the UN official claimed, also adding: “Syria has nothing to hide.”

More than 100,000 people have now been killed during the 28-month conflict, as what started out as anti-government protests inspired by the Arab Spring rapidly descended into a full-scale civil war in Syria. The possibility of President Bashar al-Assad using Syria’s chemical weapons stock is a factor that has most worried Western observers of the conflict. The UN says it has received more than 10 reports of chemical weapons use in Syria – one from the Damascus government about the events at Khan al-Assal, with the rest mainly from the UK, France and USA. What is also worrying to note is that Syria is one of seven countries that have not joined the 1997 convention banning chemical weapons. On top of this fact, Syria is suspected to possess large undeclared stockpiles of mustard gas and sarin nerve agent.