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Category: Syria

U.N. sends half the International Staff away from Syria

With the ongoing unrest in Syria, the United Nations has been supporting the Refugees with care and assistance in various refugee camps located in Jordan, Israel, and Turkey. With the growing number of refugees, most of the staffers are busy in accommodating their needs. The United Nations has the plan of withdrawing half of the volunteers just for the mean time.


A U.N. spokesman said that it was during the mortar attack when the International staff were alarmed. There were numerous mortars that fell just near the hotel where these staffers lived. The mortar has fallen close on the grounds near a hotel in Damascus housing. The mortar that was fired has caused a lot of problems especially in the damaged infrastructures like the buildings and restaurants and even including properties like a car. One of the United Nations Vehicles was damaged by the mortar. After the damages and the attacks, the United Nations Security Management has started to examine the situation and have come up to the decision of reducing the staffs for security reasons.


The U.N. Spokesman added that an agency was already in charge in relocating half of the staffs in other countries. It was reported that there would probably be a hundred staffers relocated outside Syria. The said measures were taken for the safety of the said staffers. Even if some of the staffers will be pulled out, the United Nations will still be supporting and helping the Syrians. A statement from the U.N. says that their priority is to continue the humanitarian programs and send assistance to the refugees in Syria.

A U.S. Soldier was fighting in Syria after crossing Turkey’s Border

Eric Harroun was a former soldier from the United States who was accused of fighting in the Syrian Civil war. He was allegedly fighting with a terror group that was suspected to be having links with the Al-Qaeda terrorist group. The name of the group was Al-Nusra, this was already identified by the United States to be one of the terror group that uses an Alias to refer to the Al-Qaeda in Iraq.


It was reported that the government of the United States has forced the Syrian president to step down and leave his post. The U.S. Government has also added that they were just concerned about the militant groups who were already fighting in Syria. If the court can prove the accusation, Mr. Harroun will be facing life imprisonment. He was said to be arrested during his flight back to the Unites States last Wednesday. Mr. Harroun was also accused to have crossed Syria in the early days of January this year.


The former U.S. Army was already charged for conspiring in the use of weapons of mass destruction out of the country. This law was already implemented in the U.S. The law also has applied to the number of US citizens who are situated anywhere in the globe. The former military man was discharge from service when he met an accident. According to an army spokesperson, Mr. Harroun has never served abroad. There were prosecutor who has allegedly say that Mr. Harroun was trained and was said to have participated in the numerous plotted bombing attacks. The said army has posted a photo of himself carrying weapons in a social media site.

15 Students Killed in the University of Damascus

The alarming news was reported by the State media of Syria. The University of Damascus was attacked by mortars that killed a number of 15 students. There were also a number of others injured during the incident. The authorities in Syria have posted the blame on the rebels. The unrest in Syria has not been solved up to now. The fight between the government and the rebels is ongoing, causing a lot of civilians in Syria to be harmed. Most of the Syrian population has already evacuated in Jordan, Israel, Turkey, and other neighboring areas in the Middle East


According to a news correspondent, the rebels in Syria have intensified the use of mortars. The attack that occurred in the University of Damascus was part of the planned attack of the rebels. The dangerous mortars were described to have hit the University’s faculty and cafeteria. During the attack students were still inside the buildings and most of them had injuries and others were said to have been hit badly causing them to die. The doctors have tried to save the lives of those students who were affected but others did not make it.


The state-run Syrian TV reported that the scene inside the University was chaotic. A video footage from the media showed the situation inside the University. The hard-hit cafeteria couldn’t be pictured out as chairs and tables were scattered and the floor was full of blood. An activist group based in the UK said that there was a lot of mortar attack that injured many people. The news agency of AFP also reported that the mortars fell in the Faculty of Law in the University.

Israeli Airstrike Condemned

Israel plans to send their warplanes to the war-turned country, Syria. The said plan could be against the United Nations charter. The Syrian Ministry already labeled the said plan as an inhuman action and a barbaric decision. The said airstrike could possibly be very harmful to a lot of Syrians and is therefore condemned by Hezbollah and Iran also including Russia. The incident made the Syrian government angry and they called for the UN officials to respond on the said inappropriate incident.

A news released last Wednesday that a source have said that there were Israeli warplanes that attacked a Syrian convoy but there were US officials who claimed that the attacks were not suppose to hit a Syrian convoy. The Foreign Minister of Iran warned Syria on any attack that might occur.

The United Nations have already urged world leaders to extend their aid in Syria and at the same time asking the Syrian government and the rebels to stop the war. A lot of Syrian refugees are in a bad condition and suffering from trauma with the on going situation occurring in their country. Most of the said Syrians are in evacuation sites in Jordan assisted by volunteers from the United Nations. Most of the refugees were children in need of counseling and activities to ease the tension that they have seen.

After the said issue that happened between Syria and Israel, the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon gave his statement last Thursday that what happened was a grave incident. The airstrike that occurred last Wednesday was labeled as an unacceptable incident.