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Category: Syria

The Middle East and Brexit: Cheaper Imports and Properties

According to a Saudi Businessman, leaving the EU for Britain had the British sell themselves short in properties and cheaper imports.

According to Arabians, Britain’s move was a “monetary suicide” Analysts said Britain had left a continent that fought for six years of destroying dictators, torturers and preventing future war.

Several Gulf governments are tied to Britain, specifically to the leadership of UK Prime Minister David Cameron. The London property market can quickly fall at the mercy of immensely-rich Gulf families. This is not necessarily a benefit described by former London Mayor Boris Johnson and UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

Arabian Journalist Jamal Kashoggi said Russia was another country happy to see the EU broken up. Qatar al-Jazeera journalist Faisal al-Kassim said that when Britain said it would exit, Cameron left immediately. In Syria, when the people said no, the leadership – namely Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, remained in the country and the people left.

The Independent Writer Robert Fisk, said that the UK referendum is but a democratic dream to many nations in the Middle East.

He said:

“I’m not talking about the total crackpots – Saddam’s 100 per cent victory in the 2002 Iraqi elections, for instance – but about poor old Egypt which has voted in chains for many years. Just look at that 98.1 per cent for a 2014 constitution which allowed Field Marshal Abdul-Fattah Sisi to stand for president after he had overthrown the elected government of Mohamed Morsi.

“And then we had Sisi’s own 2014 presidential election victory of 96.1 per cent – now that, surely would have Boris and Mike and Nigel slavering with joy if only we Brits had the same patriotic unity as the Egyptian people.”

Eight Week Syrian Truce Over With Hospital Bombing

For eight weeks, the Syrian Regime and Rebels have agreed on a cessation of hostilities. Introduced by the US and Russia, the treaty is now declared dead as airstrikes have destroyed an Aleppo hospital.

The Syrian Regime fighters had attacked the hospital backed by Medicins Sans Frontieres and the International Community of the Red Cross.

Among those killed were recovering patients and doctors. The MSF estimates about 14 patients and two doctors killed in the latest bombing run.

MSF said one was a rare paediatrician in the rebel-held part of Aleppo.

Three children were also included in the list.

Syrian rebels quickly pointed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as the culprit and has breached the truce multiple times. According to UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, more pressure is needed.

“Now is the time for those with influence to apply real pressure to end this spiral of violence.

“Russia has set itself up as protector of the Assad regime, so it has a duty to bring its full influence to bear.”

Syrian rebels also said the Assad Regime had systematically bombed hopitals, schools, markets and a search and rescue centre.

According to an Area Councillor in Aleppo Bara Abu Saleh, the scenario was “like an apocalypse.

“Today around 25 people have been killed in different areas. Just now a rocket landed close but it didn’t explode.”

Saudi Arabia and Iran Relations Obscure Syria Talks

Iran, the loyal ally of the Syrian Regime of President Bashar al-Assad, has become a huge threat to Saudi Arabia as Syrian talks proceed in the Vienna Summit.

US Secretary of State John Kerry sits down with both sides as he and others attempt to reconcile the two groups who had used covert methods to turn Syria into a proxy war.

Iran’s Presence Would Unlikely Help

Saudi Arabia, who had spoken its negative views on Iran’s nuclear programme that led to its cutoff from the world economy, said Iran’s presence will unlikely help.

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said that Iran, whose name was not included in the formal invite, said Iran’s presence must mean they are serious. He said that they will know if the country is not serious if there is no certainty that Basahr al-Assad will step down.

A Deep Mistrust

The deep mistrust between the two countries became imminent after Iranian officials accused Saudis of using an incident in Mecca last month to kidnap a prominent Iranian official Ghazanfar Roknabadi.

The Vienna Summit intends to establish a framework for a “managed transition” to ease Assad out of Syria wherein the two countries would need to reconcile to resolve the issue. Concerned parties argue that the continuing conflict will destroy Syria.

UK Jihadist Junaid Hussain Killed In Drone Strike US Sources Say

Junaid Hussain, a 21-year-old convicted computer hacker who had joined the Islamic State in 2013 as he fled to Syria, had been killed by a drone strike. The US military considered him a “high-value target” within the Islamic State.

The British national, born in Birmingham, is considered a “top cyber jihadist”. US officials said his death is a serious blow to the Islamic State and his death had sent an “unmistakable message”.

“We need to maintain vigilance and good intelligence to stop future plotting, and ultimately we must destroy the group’s terrorist sanctuary,” Mr McCaul said.

Hussain was jailed for six months in 2012 as he leaked former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s private contacts online nad had made hoax calls to a counter-terror hotline. A skilled computer hacker, the UK Sun newspaper reported his connection to detonate a pressure-cooker bomb at an Armed Forces Day parade in London.

He was part of a computer hacking group called Team Poison, which claimed responsibility for more than 1,400 offences where his personal and private information was illegally extracted from victims in the UK and around the world.

Aside from Hussain, about 700 British nationals have travelled to Syria and half have not returned home.

Kobane Fighting Begins Anew After Relative Calm

After the US launched six air strikes around Kobane on Sunday to advance the Kurdish ground forces in the area, the town of Kobane achieved a two-day calm. Fighting began again on Monday morning as Turkey gave the Kurdish Peshmerga permission to enter Turkey to fight in Kobane.

According to political analysts, the Turkish support gave the Kurdish defenders of Kobane a higher morale and fighting capability.

Meanwhile, Iraqi Kurds are soon to receive orders to advance into Kobane to help their Kurdish brethren in the area.

Ismet Hesen, a Senior Kurdish official responsible for Kobane’s defence, said that his forces now have an advantage against the Islamic State. However, he states that he and his men need more firepower rather than reinforcements. The US air drop had supplied them with weapons, ammunition and medical supplies. While it may have annoyed the Turkish Government, they have granted full support for the Kurds to resolve the matter of the Islamic State.

US Central Command had confirmed six air strikes by the Anti-terrorist coalition in Kobane over Sunday and Monday. The strikes had destroyed air-dropped supplies that failed to land in the target zone.

Meanwhile, the Islamic State may have committed war crimes after its atrocities against the Yazidi people and the Kurds in isolated towns.


Turkey Expands Role Pushing Through Iraq and Syria

The Turkish Military had reversed its non-intervention stance and are using its ground troops and armoured columns to fight against the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria.

Turkey’s support in the conflict will allow US aircraft to use Turkish Air Bases, which would be of great help for US logistics.

According to Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, “we are a determine government. We perfectly know what’s going on inside and outside Turkey”

Meanwhile, Britain has agreed to have the Royal Air Force participate in handling targets in Iraq but will not play a role to operations inside Syria.

According to political analysts, Turkey came to the support of the United States because the Islamic State is opening up a border crossing from Syria to Turkey. Turkey’s efforts will also limit the Kurdish ambition to be recognised as a formidable force by western powers, which is crucial in helping them establish a state of their own.

However, political analysts also warn Turkey to be careful about taking the light from the Kurd. It has an unsteady cease fire with the PKK or the Kurdish Worker’s Party, and this could cause internal complications.

Turkey intends to establish a no-fly zone over the border area of Syria that will help protect border towns and villages, which should lessen the number of refugees heading to Turkey from Syria and Iraq.


Syrian Historical Sites Have Been Destroyed by Civil War

The three-year Syrian civil war had not only claimed a UN-estimated 191,300 casualties with most of them women and children; they have also destroyed some of Syria’s history in the conflict. Satellite images show the extent of destruction fighting between the Syrian regime and rebels had caused to ancient mosques, government buildings and castles. Some of these historical structures have been completely decimated.

According to University of Pennsylvania Museum Researcher Brian Daniels, they knew that the Syrian World Heritage sites had been damaged. The satellite images had shown the extent the destruction had brought to different sites.

Aleppo was hit greatly by aerial bombardment by the Syrian government. An old city dating back to 2,000BC, most of its structures, including the Great Mosque, a famous cultural and tourist site in Syria, had been pounded by bombs, causing craters in its eastern wall and shelling.

Aleppo’s Khusriwiye Mosque was completely erased. The Grand Serail was also heavily damaged, appearing with a crater on the satellite phtos.

In Bosra, buildings from the Roman, Byzantine and early Islamic periods have been ruined by bombardment and fighting. The ancient site of Palmyra was not left untouched. The Roman theatre had suffered from shelling and sniper activity. Rocket fire from infantry and shell fire from tanks have also caused damages.


Filipino and Fijian UN Peacekeepers Taken Hostage by Al-Nusra Front

Around 75 Filipino and 44 Fijian peacekeepers from two different UN posts were taken hostage by the al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra Front. The Filipino UN post came under attack on Saturday.

The al-Nusra Front rebels claim that the peacekeeping force was protecting Israeli-controlled territory but it did not lay a finger to stop Syrian killings during the civil war just being across Golan Heights. The al-Nusra Front released a photograph of the captured peacekeepers online. Photographs of identification cards were also shown.

The al-Nusra Front statement indicated that the peacekeepers were treated well and given food and medical care. However, the group had not yet issued their demands to release the peacekeepers.

A group of 32 Filipino peacekeepers managed to retreat effectively to the Israeli side with the help of the UN’s “reaction force.”

Meanwhile, it is possible that the Fiji peacekeeper captors are not from the al-Nusra Front.

The Syrian civil war had killed more than 200,000 people in the last three years. The rebel group accused the UN of inefficiency especially after its promise of retaliation against the Syrian government, accusing the former of instigating chemical attacks that claimed the lives of many civilians, including women and children.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is accused of war crimes, as evidence from a defector showed. However, its compliance with destroying its stockpile of chemical weapons is a weak guarantee that it did not use the chemical weapons.


Syria and US Could Tear ISIS Apart

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), now only known as Islamic State, are facing common foes in the form of the United States and Syria. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had joined in using air attacks against Syrian rebels, which included fighters from the Islamic State. Dozens of airstrikes have struck the extremist group’s stronghold in the last two days.

IS fighters had once attacked Syrian rebels who were fighting against the Syrian regime, but had also carried out attacks against Syrian Army facilities north east of Syria. They had captured Syrian soldiers and have boarded government buses, beheading army commanders as they proceed.

They had recently advanced their attacks to the army base of the Raqqa Province to capture the Tabqa Air Base. At least 16 air strikes have halted their advance.

According to political analysts, Syria’s attacks on ISIS may help recover President Bashar al-Assad’s image as a partner in fighting the war against terrorism. Syrian analyst Aron Lund said that “Assad would surely love to regain international acceptance via a ‘war on terror’ and maybe that is his long-term plan.”

However, US State Department Deputy Spokeswoman Marie Harf said that Washington and Damascus are not on the same page. It was because of the Assad regime that made the IS become strong.

Syrian National Coalition Group Senior Strategist Ouibai Shahbandar said that western-backed rebels are the only ones fighting the Jihadists. Assad turned Syria as a “springboard for terror” and the opposition never carried any sentiments the IS had.


Syrian Defector Presents Syrian Government Torture Photos in the US

A Syrian forensic photographer had smuggled images of Syrians who were killed and tortured by Syrian government forces. “Caesar”, not his real name, said on Capitol Hill, about what was happening in Damascus in front of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee. He wore a hood and wore dark glasses.

The photos had explicitly showed maimed bodies, gouged eyes and skeletal remains. He had photographs of these crimes as he is a forensic photographer. Most of the bodies were delivered to a military hospital. He had collected all his photographs and stored them in a memory stick in his shoes.

The photographs will serve as great evidence for the UN to persecute the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad of war crimes.

Caesar was a former seargent and he had involved Syria’s security and intelligence officers being involved in many cases involving torture. His photographs will help serve evidence to prove that the Syrian government has sanctioned mass criminality in Syria.

Caesar said that bodies were numbered and catalogued to help the military remember where they stored the bodies. The Syrian officials used the photographs to ensure higher officials that they have done their task.

He described al-Assad as a man who only wanted to hold power. Caesar was motivated by his work ethic, morals and religion to escape into the United States.

Caesar escaped with the help of friends and family by staging his death and creating a mock funeral. He went to Doha and the US Embassy.