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Category: Iran

Saudi Arabia and Iran Relations Obscure Syria Talks

Iran, the loyal ally of the Syrian Regime of President Bashar al-Assad, has become a huge threat to Saudi Arabia as Syrian talks proceed in the Vienna Summit.

US Secretary of State John Kerry sits down with both sides as he and others attempt to reconcile the two groups who had used covert methods to turn Syria into a proxy war.

Iran’s Presence Would Unlikely Help

Saudi Arabia, who had spoken its negative views on Iran’s nuclear programme that led to its cutoff from the world economy, said Iran’s presence will unlikely help.

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said that Iran, whose name was not included in the formal invite, said Iran’s presence must mean they are serious. He said that they will know if the country is not serious if there is no certainty that Basahr al-Assad will step down.

A Deep Mistrust

The deep mistrust between the two countries became imminent after Iranian officials accused Saudis of using an incident in Mecca last month to kidnap a prominent Iranian official Ghazanfar Roknabadi.

The Vienna Summit intends to establish a framework for a “managed transition” to ease Assad out of Syria wherein the two countries would need to reconcile to resolve the issue. Concerned parties argue that the continuing conflict will destroy Syria.

Obama Warned That Iran Nuclear Deal Implementation Might Fall Short

In an open letter, Obama’s Iran Advisers warn that the implementation of the Iran Nuclear deal may fall short of what is expected of a “good agreement”. The advisers had put out a set of minimum requirements that Iran must agree to in the coming days.

Obama’s negotiators, headed towards Iran concessions that may weaken the international inspection of Iran’s facilities, may compromise the US’ intent to see if Tehran is working on nuclear weapons and Iranian research and development set for developing nuclear fuel by the end of the deal.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei had backed away from several preliminary understandings reached between Iran and the United States. This is seen as Khamenei’s resistance to the hardening positions of the American negotiators.

The letter also indicates the increased political risk of final agreements between Iran and the United States. The Republicans may also use the possible risk to shut down the final accord.

According to the letter, the agreement will not prevent Iran from having a nuclear weapons capability. The authors proposed the dismantling of Iran’s nuclear enrichment infrastructure and impose a transparency, inspection and consequences system to deter and dissuade Iran from building future nuclear weapons.


Iranian Presidential Candidates All Agree to Resist Western Influences

Iran, a country continually isolated from international relations because of the tough sanctions western countries such as the United States had imposed on its sale of oil because it would not halt its nuclear programme, continues to stiffen its position on developing its nuclear technology.

Saeed Jalili, Iran’s Nuclear Negotiator, is the crowd-favorite among the 8 candidates about to take the torch to lead Iran’s future. His campaign centred on 100% opposition to compromising their nuclear technology against the western countries’ interests.

However, Jalili is not the only one with this stand. All the other 7 candidates also agree that Iran will not submit to its enemies, particularly the United States. The candidates may differ in views regarding women’s rights and economic troubles, but all agree that they will not bargain their ability to cultivate nuclear power for their country.

Yearly, the United States imposes additional sanctions on Iran, but according to local journalists and observers, Iran survived after the painful sanctions and it created a product; its leaders became more determined to lead against their perceived enemies and will not back down. The stances of the 8 candidates show how much Iran has stiffened its position regardless of how the world perceives it.

Iran’s nuclear programme continues to develop. From two dozen test areas in 2005, today it has increased to 17,000 according to the International Atomic Energy agency.

Iran’s economy, while highly inflated, ensured that all gas stations have gasoline and oil, supermarkets are still full and the currency stable.

Iranian Leader’s Accusation to the United States

The dialogue between two countries should be able to have a good outcome or somehow should bring positive results between the countries that are involved in the talks. The United States and Iran already have their history of misunderstandings that caused both countries not to be on good terms. The Supreme Leader of Iran has accused the United States – centered on the US said to be putting too much pressure to Tehran. The leader named, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei described the US to be giving threats while seeking talks.

The dispute between the two countries was still unresolved. The US government through its Vice-President has given a reply that says Washington was always open to a direct talk between the Iranian government regarding the Iranian nuclear program. The US government wanted an agenda during their talks and be able to speak about it. The Iranian leader on the other hand doesn’t want to be pressured on the said talks. He also added that their government is not threatened at all.

The United States have already been strict in its economic sanction to Iran. The slow progress of the dialogue between Iran and the US has also pushed President Obama’s administration to re-check their diplomatic approach to Iran. The government has already reduced its oil purchased in Iran; this is only one of the reductions made to the country. There were other countries afraid to have US bank sanctions that have also reduced their purchases in Iran. The said countries are South Korea, Japan, and China.

Several Journalists Arrested in Iran

A number of journalists from a famous news paper in Iran and its editor-in-chief were arrested because of an accusation of collaboration with other foreign news company which Iranian government disallows. The famous news paper is said to have supported Iran’s long time opponent, the United States. A warrant of arrest was given to the said journalists who were accused of committing the said disobedience. The Iranian with the warrant went to the office of the said news paper company and has detained its writers. They also collected newsprint and published articles from the said workplace.

A famous news agency in Iran also reported that employees were working for other controversial media outlets that were tied with the US government. Iran, with its strict government has been imposing a very well-watched news industry that publishes articles on Iran’s daily events including its controversial political happenings. As much as possible the Iranian government does not want its news companies to interact or have partnership with any foreign news organizations, especially if it has something to do with their enemy.

The accused journalist was already put into custody by the government and is to be investigated. The said journalists will be facing long time in prison if proved guilty. Some of them already have records of committing the same thing, working with the enemy. One editor from another daily news paper was arrested for giving an interview with a radio station in French.
Freedom of the press is not widely happening in Iran for writers, bloggers, news editors would claim that they are controlled by the government. Whatever they say, write, publish that is against the government can put them to jail.