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Category: International News

Three People Killed in Xinjiang Railway Attack

Three people were killed and 79 people were injured in an attack on Xinjiang’s Railway Station on Wednesday night according to Chinese state media. According to the news, an explosion and a group of knife-wielding attackers had assaulted people who were existing the South Rail Station in the Xinjiang capital of Urumqi. The attack came at the end of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to the province.

President Xi’s four-day tour ended on Wednesday in the area frequented by Muslim minorities who often attacked Chinese authorities in confrontations. State media did not confirm if the President was still in the area during and after the attack. They had also considered it a terrorist attack, which according to them, had become bolder and bolder ever since.

President Xi said that the authorities will take “decisive action” on the train attack. State media had encouraged authorities to find the people behind the attacks. The President had also quoted been quoted in state media calling for intensified counterrorism measures.

The attacks were attributed to Muslim extremists. Aside from Xinjiang, Uyghur also had its anti-terrorism security increased due to the attack.

According to observers, Uyghurs and other smaller Muslim minorities were often embattled against China’s authoritarian government. According to them, the protests were a reaction to oppressive official policies, discrimination and religious restrictions.


Bomb Kills One Policeman and Injures 18 in Ismailiyah

Egypt police confirm that an explosive device attached to the vehicle caused the explosion of a vehicle in the Egyptian city of Ismailiyah. The explosion took place near the entrance to the security forces camp in the city. One policeman had died from the incident while 18 other people were injured by the blast including six civilians.

According to police investigations, a large quantity of explosive materials were used, making the explosion very intense.

After the explosion, gunshots were heard. Police suggested that it was the work of armed groups or protesters against the topple of elected President Mohammed Morsi on July 3. The suggestion of armed groups was linked to the military’s operation in the Suez Canal against groups in Sinai, where Ismailiyah is one of the surrounding areas.

Police crackdown continued in Cairo as protests continue to rage on against the interim government of Egypt. A total of 200 soldiers and policemen have died in combatting groups in the Sinai Peninsula and hundreds of Morsi supporters have been killed in the mass protests.

The interim government issued a law that would ban protests near places of worship and had made it mandatory for protesters to have permission to hold a demonstration from the Interior Ministry.

Egyptian Protests Continue Despite Army’s Warning

General Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi warned Pro-Morsy protesters to halt their protests or “they will use force” in cracking down Egyptian dissenters stirring up protests in several areas of the country. The general also called for counter-protests against the pro-Morsy protesters and said he did not betray the ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsy.

Al-Sisi’s request for pro-military protests was to see “honest and trustworthy” Egyptians to come out and show the real solution to the problem. He asks for the public’s mandate to confront violence and potential terrorism. Several radical groups have entered Egypt and lynch mobs had destroyed a Coptic Christian Church.

Despite the warning, several thousands of pro-Morsy protesters gathered in Nasr City. On Thursday, they demanded that Morsy be returned as president of the true democratic government of Egypt.

The current Interim Government headed by President Adly Mansour also called the people to support the “revolutionary legitimacy” of the new government.

Morsy’s Political group the Muslim Brotherhood said that many people and supporters of the true democratic government see the military’s ousting of Morsy as a coup.

Currently, the Egyptian army is on the alert and troops are deployed in many different streets and provinces to secure residents from the continuing violence and protests.

Islamist Governors in Egypt Cause Public Clashes

In Cairo, clashes between the supporters and opponents of Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy erupted on Tuesday after his appointment of new Islamist governors in many areas where his political opponents are strong.

The opposition greatly criticised Morsy for first disabling government powers when he and an Islamist-majority wrote the entire constitution without proper representation of the other secular groups. When Morsy appointed 17 new governors last Sunday, which included 7 members of the Muslim Brotherhood where he was part of, the public was outraged. Luxor residents were also adamant about Morsy appointing an ex-militant as governor of Luxor.

The appointment of the governor of Luxor prompted the Egyptian Minister of Tourism to resign according to his spokeswoman Rasha el-Azzazzi. Protests erupted in the gates of the offices of the new governors around the country as security forces tried to disperse them with tear gas and water cannons.

Fighting broke out in the Nile Delta city of Tanta as opposition protesters chained the gate of the new governor’s office in a sign of protest. Ahmed el Baylie was the new governor and part of the Muslim Brotherhood. He was able to only enter his office after his supporters clashed with the rock throwing protesters. A woman apparently hit the governor in the head with her shoes.

Opposition protesters locked other governor’s offices in other places in Egypt, but in Luxor, the people were in silent protest. Protesters sat down and sealed off the gates and used protests signs.

Morsy met the country’s top heads of the Coptic Church and the Al-Azhar on Sunday. He planned that the meeting of the two religious institutions would try to strengthen national unity and protect the nation’s interest.

The Unintended Consequence of the PPI Scandal

Many people in Britain who own a mobile phone would have been alerted about the PPI scandal through SMS if not anything else. Even if the news of the scandal was unfamiliar with some, the texts stating they were owed a sum of money would have raised alarms.

The Payment Protection Insurance was a financial product sold by banks and building societies alongside mortgages, loans, car insurance and many other types of finance. The aim of the insurance was to protect the borrower if they were unable to pay back the money back to the banks for reasons such as illness or loss of job. Many banks sold this to people who didn’t meet the criteria. As a result banks have now set aside £13bn so far in order to compensate the victims of the scandal.

Along with having to deal with a long procedure of getting the money bank, or hearing problems with the delay of payments from the banks, the general public also face another consequence of the banks actions.

Claims Management Companies (CMCs) contact people claiming that they are owed a sum of money according to their records. In fact they do not have any records. The people who send out these texts then refer the case to agencies and claim a slice of the money owed if the public reply to these texts.

Investigating one company, the Information Commissioner’s Office, found that the company were sending out 800,000 texts per day. “We are totally against these operations,” says Andy Wigmore, spokesman for the Claims Standards Council, a trade body for CMCs.

He mentioned that there were in some instances genuine companies contacting people. However with the rise in illegitimate researchers, it is not always possible to determine from the customers point of view, who is right and who is a fraud.

Dominic Pearce, Marketing Manager at Leading PPI Claims Management Company,, is in agreement stating that “We do not agree with the practice of cold-calling or bombarding the public with SMS messages. All of our customers have contacted us through our various online and general marketing channels”

The majority of people who claimed for redress have been successful. PPI claims can be made without the help of any companies. Individuals can apply themselves. However with the ever increasing advertisements stating “no win no fee” ever since the High Court ruling was delivered, some fall into a trap which they necessarily did not need to, leading to the companies taking out a slice of what is rightfully theirs.

Iranian Leader’s Accusation to the United States

The dialogue between two countries should be able to have a good outcome or somehow should bring positive results between the countries that are involved in the talks. The United States and Iran already have their history of misunderstandings that caused both countries not to be on good terms. The Supreme Leader of Iran has accused the United States – centered on the US said to be putting too much pressure to Tehran. The leader named, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei described the US to be giving threats while seeking talks.

The dispute between the two countries was still unresolved. The US government through its Vice-President has given a reply that says Washington was always open to a direct talk between the Iranian government regarding the Iranian nuclear program. The US government wanted an agenda during their talks and be able to speak about it. The Iranian leader on the other hand doesn’t want to be pressured on the said talks. He also added that their government is not threatened at all.

The United States have already been strict in its economic sanction to Iran. The slow progress of the dialogue between Iran and the US has also pushed President Obama’s administration to re-check their diplomatic approach to Iran. The government has already reduced its oil purchased in Iran; this is only one of the reductions made to the country. There were other countries afraid to have US bank sanctions that have also reduced their purchases in Iran. The said countries are South Korea, Japan, and China.