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Category: Finance

Lloyds Reaches £8 Billion in PPI Redresses

Taxpayer-backed Lloyds now takes almost half of the total PPI bill as it announces an additional £750 million to its PPI redress package. Along with Lloyds, RBS and HSBC had announced their respective additions to their own PPI redress packages.

The total PPI bill is now at £14 billion. However, experts warned that it could possibly reach more than £20 billion in 2014 if PPI complaints continue to increase by the entry of the following year.

PPI or payment protection insurance repays loans, mortgages and credit cards in case you get sick or become unemployed. However, many bank representatives and other staff mis sold the insurance to increase their work volume. An average mis sold PPI could guarantee you £3000-3500 in refunds. It is advised that you contact or other claims management companies before you make your claim.

The Financial Conduct Authority announced that the number of PPI complaints had dropped by 15% early in the first two quarters of 2013. However, the Financial Ombudsman said that it had received 26% more complaints in the first two quarters of 2014. A More than 265,000 complaints were reported by the organisation, all relating to PPI.

Banks are also in deep trouble with international regulators regarding the manipulation of Libor and Euribor rates aside from PPI.

Financial Ombudsman Service Reaches 500,000th Claim

The Financial Ombudsman recently announced that it had reached its 500,000th claim today from an elderly woman mis sold PPI by banks through advice and coercion. The FOS also claims that it is receiving 1,500 claims on a daily basis and is temporarily expanding its territory and employment to address the situation. With all things considered, the Financial Ombudsman is also pushing for no-claim payouts.

The no-claim payout is the FOS’ solution to the slowing process and delaying tactics of prominent banks against customers making payment protection insurance claims. They state that the no-claim payout means integration by banks with regulators, who will help identify potential victims and oversee that all system glitches and mis selling is addressed internally.

However, banks state that the slowing PPI claim process is not because of their work, but due to claims management companies, who continually push customers, even those who did not purchase the insurance in the first place, to make a claim. However, Financial Ombudsman chief Natalie Ceeney states that customers working with CMCs are reflections of their mistrust with banks and truly, it is the banks’ fault for mis selling the insurance in the first place.

The proposal was prepared and is about to be passed early this week by the Financial Ombudsman

PPI Complaints Against Financial Advisers Seen the Greatest in PPI Complaint Numbers

The recent report from the Financial Services Authority (FSA) states that over 2.2 million payment protection insurance claims have been tallied from January to June of 2012. Which? CEO Peter Vicary-Smith claims that the number indicates that PPI is the biggest financial scandal in the UK for all time. Part of the analysis mentions that the biggest chunk of the complaints were against financial advisers.

The data mentioned that the number of complaints against banks and building societies have increased by 67% during the first half of the year. Complaints through advising, selling and arranging have increased by 116, having 2,362,051 in total for all the complaints and the general insurance and pure protection complaints have reached 84% in increase.

Financial advisers are seen by many customers as the main culprit of mis sold payment protection insurance. FSA Managing Director Martin Wheatley states that the “bonus” system of banks is actually the main motivation of many financial advisers to mis sell PPI. He plans to establish the Financial Conduct Authority by the end of the year to manage the incentives systems in banks and reform the entire banking industry.

PPI or payment protection insurance is designed to cover loans, mortgages and credit cards repayment for customers disabled to work by accidents or unemployment. Because of the method of its selling, such as a “bonus” product in high-rate financing or endorsed by financial advisers, customers overlook the insurance policy’s exclusions, which lead them to be mis sold PPI.

Tens of thousands of pounds are actually lost by customers who are mis sold PPI. Claims handling companies, such as, are often great resources for customers intending to make a successful claim. It is advised that customers seek help from claims experts to help them get back all their repayments in full.

PPI Claims Help You Avoid Being Shafted

There can be certain situation arise when you may lose your home in order to pay back any debts. This may not be your conscious step but any accident or sudden unemployment or any other turmoil in life can make you unable to pay certain debts. You can avoid such horrified circumstances through PPI claims.

If the sole earner of your family faces any trouble that leads him or her to stay away from normal life, such a well designed policy can really help you. It can provide enough time so that people can get some time to settle other things first. It is true that a number of mis-selling cases are found and the graph is really increasing day after day. In spite of that, the utility of this policy can never be ignored.

It is better not to carry away with any survey or statistic. If somebody has suffered, this does not mean you will pursue the same. Even if you are mis-sold, there is a concrete policy to reclaim PPI by fining the unethical institutions. You cannot just give up. There are numerous methods to get to know certain facts. Internet is the best process to get all such information in detail.

Following proper procedure and exact solicitation can help you to get back the money. Law will be your favour and you can have justice without any doubt. Then just because of some instances you can never stay away from such a well design policy to secure your family from any horrified condition.


Getting Payment Protection Insurance, otherwise commonly known as PPI, is an insurance whose sole purpose is to cover the payments in case the person fails to do so because of loss of job, some kind of illness, incurred accident or even death. Though it can be noted that PPI is beneficial in some ways, PPI claims have been seen to have increased over the years due to the fact that most PPI products are wrongly sold. The way PPI is sold is what makes it truly very controversial.

In most cases, mis sold PPI occurs when the salesperson does not disclose various conditions necessary for the customer to know and to fully understand what the policy content is all about. Over the years, PPI claims have been on the trap but it is sad to note that most PPI claims are being rejected. This sis so as banks try to keep their power over any possible compensation costs that they incurred.

Knowing the circumstances and understanding the situation is truly much needed before you make a claim. It is very essential to ensure that the claim you are working with contain the necessary valid grounds. It is also advised to contact various firms and keep in touch with an expert solicitor to represent your case on your behalf. PPI claims can be tough and it needs somebody who substantially understands the whole nature of this type of compensation claim. If you want to guarantee success over your PPI claim, look for someone who has a vast understanding on this field.

When making a claim, it is very crucial to be clear and confident on the grounds by which you claim is going to be based. Hiring a PPI claims company in the UK can virtually increase the chance of receiving the due amount you deserve given that your claim is valid. However, you should know that compensation amount greatly varies from one company to another and will also depend on the nature of your claim.

Considering the cost of the claim, there are available services that caters no win no fee basis such as those provided by This means that your case will be serviced free of charge if the solicitor fails to win and to get PPI claims rewards. Remember, it is your right to get back what is rightfully yours. Utilizing a firm to best represent your case has also one great advantage as they do most of the legwork and you don’t need to go to court. The firm with their solicitor will represent your case on court thereby saving you the ordeal and guaranteeing you get the money that is rightfully yours.


Nowadays, its easier to make a claim for mis sold PPI. The Financial Services Authority (FSA) had finally established the new claims guidelines. UK banks now provided a £3.2 billion (now £4.2 billion) compensation package for all UK citizens who were mis sold PPI. PPI or payment protection insurance is an insurance policy designed to help UK citizens repay all their loans, mortgages and credit cards even if they get unemployed during their repayment term or they need time to recover from illnesses or accidents. However, because it was mis sold, many lost thousands to ten thousands of pounds by the end of their repayment term.

PPI or payment protection insurance is an insurance policy designed to provide 12 months of loan repayments for customers who find themselves in financial trouble having to put off work due to their sickness or accident injuries. People who get unemployed during their loan repayment term also benefits from PPI. PPI is actually a helpful insurance product, but due to the manner it was sold by bank representatives and commission-based financial advisers, PPI became notorious as a money-sapping insurance product.

Bank representatives, insurance brokers and other commission-based financial advisers use their influence over the customers to mis sell the insurance product. They first present the insurance product’s benefits. They review the customer’s financial capabilities and then they logically fit the insurance’s benefits to reinforce certain aspects of these capabilities. Customers, especially those with multiple financing, are easily urged to purchase the insurance, blinded to the fact that they were ineligible for the insurance policy’s terms and conditions.

Reclaiming your PPI means you can get back the tens of thousands of pounds you’ve repaid for it. The insurance will not benefit you due to your ineligibility. To know about the PPI claims process, it is advised that you seek the help of claims experts such as the  PPI Claim Company UK or successful claimants. You will need to successfully fill up a PPI claims form and present it to the Financial Ombudsman.


The UK fiscal crisis of mis sold PPI has finally met drastic improvements since its discovery in 2005. The Financial Services Authority (FSA), after putting in place the new claims guidelines, had banks pay out £1.9 billion in compensation for almost every mis sold customer in the United Kingdom. An additional £5 billion is on the way for the compensation of the remaining 10.8 million citizens who haven’t made a claim for mis sold PPI.

UK citizens have two options to make a claim for mis sold PPI repayments. The consumer group Which? finally strikes a deal with leading PPI providers and banks to allow customers to directly make a claim to them. However, given that not all are familiar with the legalities and technical concepts surrounding a PPI claim, many still trust working with claims experts to ensure the success of making a claim.

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is often mistaken by many customers as mortgage payment insurance (MPI) or income protection insurance (IPI). While the latter are clearly variants of PPI, PPI, in itself, can only protect loans for one year from accidents, sicknesses or unemployment. Mortgage payment insurance protects repayments for longer than a year or two. Income protection insurance protects the repayments during the customer’s unemployment.

An average UK citizen actually loses £3000 during their loan repayment term for a mis sold PPI. That money can still be put to good use. Only through an effective PPI claim can a customer finally reclaim the repayments they’ve made for a mis sold PPI. Recent news state that some customers even lose tens of thousands of pounds for a PPI policy that won’t guarantee its promised benefits.

It is advised that before a customer attempts to make a PPI claim, he or she should consult a PPI claims expert. Given their knowledge and experience in making claims, a guaranteed success can come from expert advice. If the customer finds that he or she does not have enough time to make a claim, a claims expert can also do the entire claim under a no win no fee basis.


Opting for Payment Protection Insurance is certainly cannot be your choice this time when you look for a similar financial product. For the mis-sold PPI sales over the last few years, Payment Protection policy is now an avoidable product for most of the consumers. Even the existing policyholders are turning their face off their policies by reclaiming the same.

Apart from the PPI misselling, some other reasons have also blemished the policy to a significant extent. PPI is a harmless policy when you are able to cope up with these drawbacks. Explaining those diverse factors why mis sold PPI claims are increasing with every new day, one should always begin with the misselling factor. Including PPI with the unsecured loans has generated immense profit for the bankers. They have missold this particular cover to innumerable borrowers over the last few yeas. In addition to the motive of recovering the loan to the fullest, the anticipation of additional profit has been strong.

The misselling techniques of PPI happened through different means. Sometimes the lenders sold the policy even without any consent of the consumers while including the same with the loaned amount. Furthermore, the lenders misguided many people by mentioning that the policy is mandatory with the loan. Some policyholders realized unexpectedly that bought PPI unconsciously while dealing in some credit cards.

Well, missold PPI reclaiming is legal and ethical. Now even the UK government has supported the PPI claims following overwhelming demand from the missold policyholders. One can expect a better outcome from the claim when consulting a PPI solicitor.

Barclays About to Reveal New Plans for PPI Claims Redress

Analysts see Barclays, one of the foremost banks of the United Kingdom, in deep trouble after being involved in Libor manipulation scandals. The bank is yet to handle their burden of redressing mis sold PPI to customers. The bank is soon to reveal its new plans for PPI claims redressing. Barclays is to provide a smaller sum in addition to the £300 million PPI claims provision on Friday.

Barclays was recently fined £290 million by United Kingdom and United States regulators upon discovering the manipulation of Libor rates. The event had debates spring all over Westminster and forced the resignation of Barclays President Bob Diamond for failure to comply with banking standards.

Among the banks to announce their plans for PPI provisions are Lloyds and HSBC, which are both to further allocate provisions more than their initial £375m and £300 million allocations during the first quarter. The Royal Bank of Scotland is also to add more than its initial £125 million provision as well.

UK’s Financial Services Authority states that given the recent events, the industry’s compensation package now reaches up to £8bn. Lloyds alone is to pay for £4b as one of the banks with the largest amount of mis sold PPI.