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Archive for: April 2013

Syrian Military accused by Human Rights Group

Syria’s air force carried out airstrikes against civilians according to Human Rights Watch. The attacks triggered serious violations to the international humanitarian law, and the ones who were involved of the attacks are responsible for war crimes.This was written on an 80 page report entitled “Death from the Skies” which is based on visits on 50 sites from government airstrikes in opposition-controlled areas in Aleppo, Idlib and Latakia provinces.


Researchers gathered out more than 140 interviewees including victims and witnesses.One of the targets of war are bakeries and hospitals, according to the Human Rights Watch. Syrian Parliament lawmaker, Sharif Shahadeh questioned the accuracy of HRW’s report.Human Rights Watch documented a detailed report having eight airstrikes on four bakeries.


The research “indicates government forces targeted bakeries and civilians waiting in breadlines in airstrikes as well as in artillery attacks,” the group said. “For each of these attacks, Human Rights Watch was not able to identify any military target, such as fighters or weapons, in the vicinity.” Local opposition group Syrian Revolution General Commission, have attacked 78 bakeries across Syria, by airstrikes or artillery shelling. There were repeated airstrikes on two hospitals in the areas that the Human Rights Watch visited. Human Rights Watch said that the rebels are blameless since it is not their obligation to minimize harm to the civilians.





Suicide bomber attacks a restaurant in Iraq


Two people killed, no less than twenty injured after a blast in an occupied restaurant in Falluja in the city of Iraq last Sunday said the authorities. According to the reports a suicide bomber blew himself inside the restaurant situated in the center of the city. 60 kilometers (37miles) west of Baghdad in Anbar province, Falluja was one of some regions who did not grasp the provincial elections held last Saturday because of the safety measures. Infrequent violence were reported in the other parts of the country who voted last Saturday.


Iraqi police officials and other forces are being blamed by the survivors and the people who witnessed the explosion because of their lack in security and safety for the civilians in the vicinity. Emergency team workers are still trying to draw out the victims who are stuck in the building when a portion of it breaks down. Bricks have trapped several civilians who are eating in the restaurant that day.There were several reports last Monday on car bombs attacks in other parts of the country which caused the death of 31 people and injured almost 200 individuals.


Pressures are high medially Iraq’s Sunni and Shia, in the midst of the Sunni Muslim claiming that they are being ignored by Prime Minister Nouri al-maliki’s Shia-led government. Several attacks were made by the Sunni Islamist activist associated to al-Queda trying to threaten the administration, primarily in Shia but also in Sunni. Even though ferocity has decreased in Iraq, since the ultimate rebellion in year 2006 and 2007, bombings are still frequent in the areas.

Slaying attacks before Iraq provincial election

Three killed, and at least sixteen injured last Wednesday due to four explosions in and around the areas in Baghdad, police said. Few days before Iraq’s provincial elections scheduled on Saturday, savagery and fighting are happening around the area. Some of which includes a roadside bombing and a car bombing near the police station and during an Iraqi bombing convoy as stated by the police. The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad doomed the gutless attacks of the terrorist before the provincial elections in Saturday. A number of political candidates were reported killed and injured during the attacks.


Last Wednesday night, chief prosecutor of the city’s civil court was assassinated about 45 miles (75 kilometers) west in Falluja. Maarouf Ahmed al- Kobaisi was also killed by the gunmen with open fire while he was driving in his car according to the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. Few hours later a car bomb exploded in central Falluja near a police car says the Ramadi police officials.


Other targets of the terrorists are people going to their respected offices. Several car bombings killed more than 40 people. More than 30 bombs including car bombs in different parts of the country were reported in the central north and south Iraq. Terrorist attacks leave loads of people dead and lots of people injured. Police said that bomb explosions leave at least 42 people and 257 others were injured. Last Tuesday a car bomb attack happened in Sadr City, a district in Baghdad.

United Nations to broaden the investigation of Chemical Weapons in Syria

The United Nations was reported to have attempted to widen the investigation of the use of chemical weapons in Syria. The country has rejected the move of the UN. It was the said incident in one of the villages in the Aleppo province that has prompted the UN to investigate on Syria’s use of this type of weapons. The investigation already started last month wherein a group of UN staff were sent in Cyprus to do the investigation.


According to a report from a state-run media in Syria, the country already rejects the investigation because the United Nation already attempted to dig in deeper. The investigation was said to have already included Syria as a whole. The ongoing unrest in Syria was said to have been the main concern of the UN since 2011 when the civil war began. A lot of the Syrian refugees were assisted by the UN staff in different evacuation centers near Syria. In the capital of Syria which is Damascus, there were a number of fifteen people who died due to a car explosion. A bomb was planted in the car causing it to explode and have injured people. With the different incidents happening in the Syrian capital and its nearby areas, both the Syrian rebel forces and the Syrian government pass the blame on each other.


The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that there will be an additional task to follow that will allow the investigators from the UN to spread in Syria. A source from the Syrian Foreign Ministry said that this move will be causing a violation of the country’s sovereignty.

Senior Al-Qaeda Leaders Hanged in Iraq

The Ministry of Justice in Iraq has released a report on Monday that there were a number of four senior leaders of the terrorist network, Al-Qaeda that was executed in Iraq. It was made known in the war-torn country, that most of the terrorist attacks are planned by the terrorist group. Bomb attacks, Suicide car bombing, and kidnapping are few of the attacks that have occurred in different open areas in the city.


The leaders were convicted because of terrorism and the Ministry of Justice said that they were executed. The senior terrorist leaders were hanged early the morning last Monday. They were executed after an incident that occurred in the police station located in Tikrit. It was reported that a suicide bomber rode on an oil tanker that has exploded in the police station and has killed a number of nine people and has wounded twenty others. The news was coming from an official in the Interior Ministry of the Iraqi government.


The area where the bombing occurred was just near Baghdad. Tikrit is also known as the hometown of Saddam Hussein, who was a former leader of Iraq. The Interior Ministry reported and incident which happened in Baghdad, a civilian and two other policemen died after being shot by a gunmen. There were also two other people wounded in the said incident. The situation that has been occurring in Iraq has been discussed in a parliamentary session last Monday. The Iraqi Prime Minister has tackled the security of the country during the meeting. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has also served as the Commander-in-Chief of the Iraqi Military forces.