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Will The Human Race Last Forever?

In a recent academic journal posted on the Orion magazine by Charles Mann, he mentioned that the human race, while an effective race, is successful, but as successful species, may end up destroying themselves in the process. Mann posited that the success of every species is to maintain their existence and multiply and given the current population boom of the human race, we are reaching that successful point beyond the inflection point.

Taking into consideration the entire article he wrote for the magazine, I began to wonder about the human race. The first description I understood when I first learned how to use the computer when I was young was that computers were made to break down and sooner or later, they will, no matter how much care or concern you give to them.

Mann’s description of the human race was intriguing. Any type of organism can speed up its multiplication process if it were not for the competition, environment and society that organisms had. He demonstrated this using a bacteria, on a Petri dish with seemingly infinite nourishment, can multiply and fill up the entire Petri dish quickly, and when it reaches two inflection points, namely the edge of the Petri dish or running out of resources, can easily decimate their population.

Without competition, their activity can expand quickly. One thing that sets aside humanity from other species is the ability to control the environment. We expand the environment and make use of it to our own advantage. If the planet fills up, we would devise new ways to reach other planets, make good use of resources to ensure the stability of the economy and growth and continue on, until we fill up all the planets in the world.

Will the human race last forever? Given the current predicaments, wars and mis-allocated resources, we just might have that chance. However, if success spells destruction, it would be good to say that our race is still not as successful as it is, not just yet.

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How Saying “No” Can Help Define You

There are many explanations as to consider why a person cannot say “no” to any choice given to them at any instance. The black and white question of yes and no is something that most people are afraid of, and usually, they try to find a way to evade the question with a resounding “maybe” or “I’ll see” to give them time to think. Indecision is a negative trait of any person, and learning to say “no” can help define what you really are.

Take a simple situation for example. If you’ve promised a friend that you’ll attend their particular birthday party at a specific date wherein your family told you that you’ll be visiting your grand parents, you can have a dilemma. However, you will need to make a decision. You might not always have the luxury of time to weigh each event, but if you can say no to one definitely and yes to the other, you are a decisive person and you can face the consequences of your actions.

A person being indecisive about certain circumstances reflects their idea that they do not want to hurt or hassle people based on their decision. But then again, every decision has a negative and positive impact on all sides, which is why one must learn to face responsibility for their decisions and actions. There is no “right” answer when saying yes or no, these are only the two routes you have to choose.

So if you’re tired from work and your boss tells you to work overtime, you can always say “no” and accept consequences.

The above example reflects detachment from work and from what it can provide for you to more of understanding your current predicament and working for your betterment and what’s better in life. Detachment is important in making decisions to think clearly and see what the world can offer that works for you.

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Financial Ombudsman Service Reaches 500,000th Claim

The Financial Ombudsman recently announced that it had reached its 500,000th claim today from an elderly woman mis sold PPI by banks through advice and coercion. The FOS also claims that it is receiving 1,500 claims on a daily basis and is temporarily expanding its territory and employment to address the situation. With all things considered, the Financial Ombudsman is also pushing for no-claim payouts.

The no-claim payout is the FOS’ solution to the slowing process and delaying tactics of prominent banks against customers making payment protection insurance claims. They state that the no-claim payout means integration by banks with regulators, who will help identify potential victims and oversee that all system glitches and mis selling is addressed internally.

However, banks state that the slowing PPI claim process is not because of their work, but due to claims management companies, who continually push customers, even those who did not purchase the insurance in the first place, to make a claim. However, Financial Ombudsman chief Natalie Ceeney states that customers working with CMCs are reflections of their mistrust with banks and truly, it is the banks’ fault for mis selling the insurance in the first place.

The proposal was prepared and is about to be passed early this week by the Financial Ombudsman