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Teamwork: Why It Counts

Lately, we’ve discussed about the value of individuality and self-confidence bringing out the best in your abilities. However, you might think that with both ideas in place, you don’t have to work with other people. It is true that “no man is an island”, especially in the corporate world. A good team works with each other in fulfilling their tasks; no amount of self-confidence or individuality can make things happen without effort from other people.

When working with a team, one should always consider using only their individuality and self-confidence in believing that they can fulfill the task given to them completely. Once you have this firmness in your resolve, you’ll be a valuable team member. However, when you expect other team members to think and be like this, you might find yourself disappointed.

Not all people are created the same way. Not all people are the same as how you can do your activities or how you do your activities. Different personalities need compromise. However, it is important that you do your duties right and allow others to learn it by themselves. If they ask you for advice, give them what you know. That you believe in yourself that you can do your tasks properly and that you depend only on yourself to complete your own task.

Now that you know not all the people are the same as you, you’ll need to develop trust with your teammates. Even if you are or you are not the team leader, knowing their strengths and weaknesses allows you to know how to handle situations where they can’t deliver or their end products are weak properly. You can suggest to them ways to improve their work while beating the deadline. In this way, you develop their self-confidence while ensuring maximum efficiency.

Self-confidence and individuality are good traits in developing your own set of skills. In teamwork, laying them down only to accomplish your own goals makes them effective. However, don’t use them as something to overpower others; instead use it for something helpful for others to gain the same self-confidence as you do.

Individuality and the Modern World

In the 90s, before the Internet became a mainstream outlet for media, people were unable to express themselves or even find outlets that allow them to be themselves. Ideas, news, media and other world events were interpreted in a communal way. The values of a community can ring true for one person to another. The Internet today has become a great source of information, and also a valiant passageway for others to help themselves understand themselves better.

Today, nobody can express individuality better than a web log or blog. Blogging has become common for many people. It is a personal journal where they can talk about their hobbies, interests and other things happening in their lives. In the past, those in touch with their individuality are people who have kept diaries that they themselves would read. The Internet changed this as strangers can now find blogs and comment or express their opinions.

Ideas from individuals spring from these blogs. Forums and discussion boards became one of the best ways to share ideas aside from blogs. It is here where people discuss certain issues, express their opinions and have a reading audience to provide their feedback. With this, individuality becomes enriched in the community of the Internet.

This is why so many become independent. Nobody needs to go to experts to find out about facts, recipes and how to do things; all these can be found in the Internet. While not accurate, if they work, they can work. One can say that they’ve tried it and have accomplished it on their own. One’s works of art or technology can also be shared through the Internet. Having a wide audience, the triumph of personal pride is achieved through this.

The Internet has enriched many lives and individuals. The modern world revolves around hearing the opinions of the individual and finding avenues and support for such idea in contrast to having to conform to a certain belief that one cannot disprove without enough evidence.

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