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Many of us tend to go autopilot on a lot of things, especially work. We have routinely numbed ourselves when the boss shouts at us for simple errors or for some mistakes that we did not actually do. We take this all in unconsciously. Even with people who annoy us and we try our very best not to explode in their faces. These all accumulate and can turn a person cynical about the world. It is important to recognize the value of self-worth and every person’s self-worth is as important as the person. With proper care, it can be the key for us to achieve a great many things.

Depression often stems from the absence of self-worth. Depression is caused by emotional pain, which can contort and discourage a person. This can sway them from their natural achieving capabilities and instead have them mourning their losses as well as regretting their actions. Taking care of self-worth is by accepting that all your actions were done to justify something that you believed was right. We regret such actions because of the losses we made. But a loss is a loss and eventually, we all move on. Your actions, may they be wrong or right, are something you can learn from and eventually you’ll figure the right response to certain events in the future.

Stress is also a factor that can ignite a lower self-worth. Having a job that you do not actually like can cause you more stress than anything else in the world. If you find that your boss is verbally abusing you, by all means fight back. It doesn’t matter if you get terminated; what is important is that you have your self-worth. Of course, only do this as a drastic measure. Always respond to your boss in a way that justifies your actions. If he or she’s trying to break your limit, do your best and if you don’t meet the deadlines, it’s not your fault for the large, inhumane load. Save your self-worth as you were made for better things.

Seek encouragement from a stronger belief. You may choose to believe in religion or any kind of existing beliefs, or you might want to read the works of famous authors and philosophers. Finding a belief that empathizes with your soul is very important to preserve your self-worth.

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Getting Payment Protection Insurance, otherwise commonly known as PPI, is an insurance whose sole purpose is to cover the payments in case the person fails to do so because of loss of job, some kind of illness, incurred accident or even death. Though it can be noted that PPI is beneficial in some ways, PPI claims have been seen to have increased over the years due to the fact that most PPI products are wrongly sold. The way PPI is sold is what makes it truly very controversial.

In most cases, mis sold PPI occurs when the salesperson does not disclose various conditions necessary for the customer to know and to fully understand what the policy content is all about. Over the years, PPI claims have been on the trap but it is sad to note that most PPI claims are being rejected. This sis so as banks try to keep their power over any possible compensation costs that they incurred.

Knowing the circumstances and understanding the situation is truly much needed before you make a claim. It is very essential to ensure that the claim you are working with contain the necessary valid grounds. It is also advised to contact various firms and keep in touch with an expert solicitor to represent your case on your behalf. PPI claims can be tough and it needs somebody who substantially understands the whole nature of this type of compensation claim. If you want to guarantee success over your PPI claim, look for someone who has a vast understanding on this field.

When making a claim, it is very crucial to be clear and confident on the grounds by which you claim is going to be based. Hiring a PPI claims company in the UK can virtually increase the chance of receiving the due amount you deserve given that your claim is valid. However, you should know that compensation amount greatly varies from one company to another and will also depend on the nature of your claim.

Considering the cost of the claim, there are available services that caters no win no fee basis such as those provided by This means that your case will be serviced free of charge if the solicitor fails to win and to get PPI claims rewards. Remember, it is your right to get back what is rightfully yours. Utilizing a firm to best represent your case has also one great advantage as they do most of the legwork and you don’t need to go to court. The firm with their solicitor will represent your case on court thereby saving you the ordeal and guaranteeing you get the money that is rightfully yours.


Maybe you just came from a break-up or something actually problematic happened in your life. That’s one of the things that can make things very devastating for anyone. Even I myself had encountered such circumstances. It leaves you being lost in many things, finding that you’re depressed, you don’t have any more reason to live, you’re in pain and shock and everything else in between. But you’re only in severe pain, which leads to depression and a loss of comfort in anything. If you’re in this situation right now, you’ll need to get back your self-worth and know that these are reasons you can live for.

1. Your Family

The family is the first social unit before a country and the entire globe. Your family will be the one to stay with you in times of trouble and advise you about things you should know. You’ve been forced to digest your parent’s advices as a child, but as an adult, sometimes you make bad decisions ending up in your depression. Your parents can give you the care you need as well as your family. You’re not alone, you went here with your family.

2. Causality

Everything you do, you do it for a reason. Every choice you make has a consequence. But what you do to lift yourself out of depression counts. The reason to live for something is for the things that you value. One who values survival over anything is an adventurous soul, making it their reason to live and the meaning of life for them. Causality is always something that can happen by chance, or by personal effort. One reason to live is just to survive, to preserve something until it lasts and be detached from it at the same time.


Personal success is subjective. You can deem success as having a family, successful in careers or in business networks. But the best victory you can have is rising up after any kind of struggle brings you down. You can choose to survive or you can choose to remain depressed. Your first success during the most dire moments of your life is to lift yourself up and become happy again, not cynical about life.


People will often tell you to stick and and try not to stand out because you might make more enemies than friends in the world. However, every person is unique. I myself have stuck out my neck a lot of times and have been flared upon by many people. Sure, I made enemies, but I also made friends. Sticking your neck in can be dangerous, but in order to achieve and make something out of life, we have to stick it out and make our own meaning in the world.

Achieving goals means making the effort to make a decision, no matter how good or bad. In life, there is something called an ideal. An idealist is what we were as children. We looked to the future and asked ourselves what will we be after a few years. Then, our dreams somehow get shattered because something went wrong and we became a bit vague about our own future and decisions. This is called realism. However, to achieve a decision’s outcome, one must always find the balance between reality and the ideal.
But for every decision one makes, we must also realize that there are two outcomes. We as a person must learn to accept the two outcomes and understand that there is nothing wrong about us if we’re striving to find and achieve our goals in life. To achieve goals, one must know them, and given the experience most young professionals today have, it can be quite difficult.

Many expect to land a better job coming from a better college degree. But in reality, the economy of almost every country in the world today lacks to provide proper employment options. Many are underemployed to occupations that do not require the expertise they achieved in their degree. These young professionals become disappointed with this reality. However, this is because they expected something. One must learn to accept reality in this instance and find a way to make their dreams come true through their own efforts.

Your ability to make decisions can shape the future. The capability of making decisions is the sole nature of man. If you can still make decisions, then you still have a chance at life.

If you find yourself depressed about life, taking care of your own self worth might be the solution, or maybe you need to find the meaning of life and reasons you could live for.


Nowadays, its easier to make a claim for mis sold PPI. The Financial Services Authority (FSA) had finally established the new claims guidelines. UK banks now provided a £3.2 billion (now £4.2 billion) compensation package for all UK citizens who were mis sold PPI. PPI or payment protection insurance is an insurance policy designed to help UK citizens repay all their loans, mortgages and credit cards even if they get unemployed during their repayment term or they need time to recover from illnesses or accidents. However, because it was mis sold, many lost thousands to ten thousands of pounds by the end of their repayment term.

PPI or payment protection insurance is an insurance policy designed to provide 12 months of loan repayments for customers who find themselves in financial trouble having to put off work due to their sickness or accident injuries. People who get unemployed during their loan repayment term also benefits from PPI. PPI is actually a helpful insurance product, but due to the manner it was sold by bank representatives and commission-based financial advisers, PPI became notorious as a money-sapping insurance product.

Bank representatives, insurance brokers and other commission-based financial advisers use their influence over the customers to mis sell the insurance product. They first present the insurance product’s benefits. They review the customer’s financial capabilities and then they logically fit the insurance’s benefits to reinforce certain aspects of these capabilities. Customers, especially those with multiple financing, are easily urged to purchase the insurance, blinded to the fact that they were ineligible for the insurance policy’s terms and conditions.

Reclaiming your PPI means you can get back the tens of thousands of pounds you’ve repaid for it. The insurance will not benefit you due to your ineligibility. To know about the PPI claims process, it is advised that you seek the help of claims experts such as the  PPI Claim Company UK or successful claimants. You will need to successfully fill up a PPI claims form and present it to the Financial Ombudsman.


They often tell us that the real world is very demanding and is actually the hell described in many religious books. However, the real world is where you can forge the idea inside your head and make it real. One should always see reality as a canvass in which you can paint your own ideas. However, you’ll need skill and ability to ensure that you see this through. Getting inspiration from the real world is very important to achieve your goals and aspirations.

So, let’s break this down. The real world, is reality. There is no magic, there are no giant robots and magical fairies that exist inside your mind. But the way I see it, to be inspired in the real world, one must try to imagine imbalances. Taking away something from the natural routine or replacing it with something can help you get inspired to do things. For example, what if tomorrow, the world decided to stop the electricity flowing in every home or if something happened that made the same event above possible? You can get inspired to save energy and take care of the environment should that happen.

Motivation and inspiration work hand in hand. The real world works because there is balance. To achieve goals, one must see the consequences should imbalance happen in a seemingly in-equilibrium world we have today. If you had too much money right now, what would you spend it on? Do you think it will do more good than harm to you? Personal imbalance is also a key player in finding motivation.

Why we dream is because there is still imbalance in our lives. Our life is a teetering rock that often falls to imbalance. But that is what makes us human. If you find yourself uninspired, it is either you have a balanced life, or you are too lazy to do something about the things happening in front you. It is important to take care of your own self worth as it is also key to your success.

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When we were young, we were taught to look beyond and aspire for the best results we can ever hope to achieve. The problem is that, with such an expectation, people can easily get disappointed with their current achievements. This becomes the problem with many people who have gone through school, had a proper graduation and then failing to meet their expectations of having a stable job and having a good life.

But even if you complain, starting something is the most important factor to be able to do anything. Some people underestimate small things. Some people find it hard to start with anything small because they cannot see the end result of what they are doing. However, a small thing can become a big thing over time.

Take into example when you’re making music. First, you find a few chords to mark your base. Having a base means being able to develop the whole song from where you started. Without the base, the music cannot be created. This is the same for small things. The small things become the foundation of the bigger things that lie ahead in the future.

Starting small is the key to success. If you can slowly change your attitude from complaining to creating and developing, even if it does move at such a pace, sooner or later you’ll find yourself completely devoting your time to new creations and new ideas that you never thought possible due to your complaining.

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Patience is a virtue. Many people in the past have said that countless times to many people who seem impatient about the things happening all around them. Patience is definitely a virtue, however a hard one to improve and become successful at. Waiting is something nobody likes. When we wait, we anticipate. When we anticipate we expect and become disappointed. Most people are not patient because they are willing not to prolong the events unfolding any longer and go straight to the answer.

However, patience is an important value. Like how chance plays with our lives, patience also plays a factor with chance. By having the willingness to be patient with one’s emotions, one can actually make a favorable decision on many options that he or she is given. Emotion clouds judgment and patience, resulting to regrettable decisions in the future.

Patience allows one to see through many things slowly and in whole detail. People with quite a great amount of attention to detail most definitely have great patience. They also have great patience to improve these details they do not agree with. Patience to listen to others allows one to absorb what they are trying to say. They can also clearly justify every detail carefully and easily.
Patience also allows one to concentrate on the task at hand. When you are preoccupied with problems at home, your work performance also stutters. If you have patience, you can settle the problems at home later and concentrate on the problems of your work as of the moment. Multi-tasking, while a very beneficial skill, can be very problematic for your concentration and patience.

One must have patience to learn how to be patient. Many people in the world need to have patience. Most problems often start with impulses. While it is nice to just jump into such situations, having patients helps a person stabilize properly.

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I’ve found myself usually in situations where I need to take action and I’m conscious that I have to take action. However, I often end up with results that I didn’t expect when I actually took action in something that required time and patience. Explaining why patience is a virtue is something that we must all learn. Forcing something to become what it is, from our own perspective, makes everything wrong for our expectations and for the other people involved.

For example, a family which has only one son makes the son closer to his father than any of his siblings or even his mother. Surely, the father would like the son to take up to this footsteps and become somewhat as successful as the father. I’ll put you in the position of the father. If you raised your son to be like you, to follow your guidelines and footsteps, yet your son in the long run chose to become something else he desired, you and your son’s heart is broken.

To avoid forcing your son into something he is not, following the same example, discipline your son to have the basic things he needs to accomplish something, but never impose on him your own kind of discipline. Give your son a sense of responsibility, independence and achievement. That is enough for him to find himself.

Another situation would be when you plan something and there are still others who cannot comply with the said plan. Now that you’ve done your part, it is just the waiting that makes your mind wander through all the possibilities. Patience, and faith in the work of others, is again important here. There is no use in forcing them to hurry. It is important to inform them, but if it seems forcing, do not attempt to contact them every minute.

Giving other people and situations room to grow is where forcing something does not truly benefit both parties. People, and circumstances, unfold naturally. All it takes is a bit of waiting. You can never plant a tree without first planting the seed and diligently watering it until it finally starts to sprout its first stem. You also can’t dictate the manner it grows.


The UK fiscal crisis of mis sold PPI has finally met drastic improvements since its discovery in 2005. The Financial Services Authority (FSA), after putting in place the new claims guidelines, had banks pay out £1.9 billion in compensation for almost every mis sold customer in the United Kingdom. An additional £5 billion is on the way for the compensation of the remaining 10.8 million citizens who haven’t made a claim for mis sold PPI.

UK citizens have two options to make a claim for mis sold PPI repayments. The consumer group Which? finally strikes a deal with leading PPI providers and banks to allow customers to directly make a claim to them. However, given that not all are familiar with the legalities and technical concepts surrounding a PPI claim, many still trust working with claims experts to ensure the success of making a claim.

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is often mistaken by many customers as mortgage payment insurance (MPI) or income protection insurance (IPI). While the latter are clearly variants of PPI, PPI, in itself, can only protect loans for one year from accidents, sicknesses or unemployment. Mortgage payment insurance protects repayments for longer than a year or two. Income protection insurance protects the repayments during the customer’s unemployment.

An average UK citizen actually loses £3000 during their loan repayment term for a mis sold PPI. That money can still be put to good use. Only through an effective PPI claim can a customer finally reclaim the repayments they’ve made for a mis sold PPI. Recent news state that some customers even lose tens of thousands of pounds for a PPI policy that won’t guarantee its promised benefits.

It is advised that before a customer attempts to make a PPI claim, he or she should consult a PPI claims expert. Given their knowledge and experience in making claims, a guaranteed success can come from expert advice. If the customer finds that he or she does not have enough time to make a claim, a claims expert can also do the entire claim under a no win no fee basis.